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ChatterPal is a new "artificial intelligence" backed SMART chat automation technology that can instantly DOUBLE conversions, sales and leads!

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+ UNLIMITED smart chat automation, talking 3D avatars, text-to-speech, instant-lip sync, one-click translation, logo mapping, done-for-you chat templates, intelligent list builder engine and a lot more!

+ Launch BONUS: Commercial License - You can also create UNLIMITED 'smart 3D chat agents' for local businesses, ecommerce site owners, bloggers and charge them $300 more for your services!

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There are marketplaces right now that you can immediately start selling the ChatterPals you create for $300 to $500 each
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The brand new ChatterPal app has already become a world-wide best seller and everyone is RAVING about it!

I've been receiving some questions about it and would like to answer them for you right now...

1) Does ChatterPal Work On Windows & MAC?

YES! ChatterPal is a 100% cloud-based solution, meaning it’ll work on any operating system.

All you need is an internet connection to use the app. Nothing to install, nothing to update - it works perfectly right out of the box.

2) Does ChatterPal work On Mobile Phones?

YES! ChatterPal works on all computers, smart phones and smart devices (iOS and Android).

This means the 3D & human chat agents will improve your
bottom line with little or no effort on your part!

3) You Say “Unlimited Usage” What’s The Catch?

There is no catch! You can use ChatterPal to create as many chat agents as you want, as often as you want, for any number of sites.

Commercial License is included, so you can create chat agents for clients. No limits.

4) Can I Use ChatterPal If I Don't Have A Website?

Using ChatterPal live-link technology you can add ChatterPal to ANY website including the ones you don't own. You can promote affiliate offers and add it to any website in seconds to leverage their content and profit!

5) What Makes ChatterPal Better Than Other Apps?

ChatterPal comes loaded with industry leading features that are not available in any other app. This includes smart chat automation, interactive 3D avatars, award winning text-to-speech, one-click translation, logo mapping and
a whole lot more.

You get all this for a jaw dropping low one-time price that comes with Commercial License & UNLIMITED site license! .

6) Is Step-By-Step Training Included?

YES - ChatterPal comes with step-by-step video training walking you through the entire process right from creating your ChatterPals to getting results. (yes, this also includes how to sell your ChatterPals for top dollar!)

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Here are SIX reasons why you should get ChatterPal now…

Reason #1 – This is "first to market" technology that merges
many futuristic technologies into ONE platform!

Reason #2 – You get UNLIMITED access to industry leading features like  interactive talking 3D avatars, intelligent chat automation, UNLIMITED Text-to-speech, one-click translation, real-time lip-sync and many more!

Reason #3 – Save time and money. ChatterPal comes loaded with "done-for-you" chat templates in the app from various HOT niches so you can save time and get your first SMART chat campaign up and running in minutes!

Reason #4 – "Commercial license" is included, so you can sell ChatterPal to clients for $300 to $500 each!

Reason #5 – Crush your competition, there is NOTHING in the market like ChatterPal. You get the first movers advantage!

Reason #6 – Create UNLIMITED ChatterPals for unlimited sites. JustONE sales can pay off for your entire membership!

Reason #7 - UNLIMITED Google Cloud Hosting is included for all your chat agents. This feature alone saves you HUNDREDS in hosting fees!

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A new groundbreaking called "ChatterPal" comes
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UNLIMITED smart chat automation, talking 3D avatars,
text-to-speech, instant-lip sync, one-click translation,
logo mapping, done-for-you chat templates, intelligent
list building engine and a lot more!

... to deliver REAL results like no other app can!

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Marketers and business owners from around the world are
LOVING how easy it is to integrate this app with ANY
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That's right, you do not need a website of your own
to use this!

The best part is, you can sell ChatterPal's to local
business and clients for $300 or more each with the
commercial license!

There is also step-by-step training on how you do this.

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Interactive 3D Talking Avatars? (NEW Technology)
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Get ready to be blown away...

I just saw a "sneak-peak" of this amazing new app called
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EVERYONE is raving about this amazing NEW technology
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ChatterPal merges "3D Animatimation" and "Smart Chat
Automation" with some industry leading features
to delivery results unlike any other app!

Get a "sneak-peek" of this new technology here...


Nothing like this available at the market for any price!

With ChatterPal you can...

- Boost conversions, sales and results on any website.
- Build your email list without optin-forms or landing pages.
- Increase customer satisfaction
- Drive repeated sales
and a whole lot more!

All while reducing your ad spent and saving time and money.

The best part is, you can create SMART chat agents for
local business and charge them a hefty fee with the

Everyone is LOVING This...


Grab this special "earlybird deal" before the price goes up!

You get UNLIMITED usage access with no limits.



P.S. This deal may expire at anytime without notice...


Affiliate promotion terms & conditions 
Read carefully before joining this program. You agree that you are NOT allowed to do the following things if approved for the affiliate program. By doing any of the following, you will be terminated from the program and agree that any commissions will be forfeited without recourse:

1. You are NOT permitted to conduct e-mail promotions in a 3rd party system - all e-mail contacts MUST be your OWN opt in e-mail list. You cannot buy solo ads, use safe lists, use spam or anything similar.

2. You must NOT run "negative" PPC or iframe domain campaigns such as "Product name / author name scam" or any other method to attract controversial click thru rates that an ordinary person would deem to portray a negative view of the product. This creates a very bad image for our company and the individuals featured in the products and you will be terminated from the program instantly.

3. You should avoid using the raw affiliate link if you can. All affiliates are encouraged to utilise RE-direct links in e-mails and website campaigns and not the direct affiliate link you will receive. This increases conversions for both of us. (But ultimately the choice is up to you)

4. You cannot earn commission on your own purchase. Any 'self' purchase commission may be nullified or held back.

5. iFrames, review sites and cloaked domains are permitted as long as they do not contain offensive or negative domain URLs.

6. Affiliate payments will be set as delayed for affiliates with less than 50 sales on JVzoo. For all other affiliates the commissions will be set to instant. Please describe briefly how you will be promoting and any links to your own websites or warrior forum profile.

7. We run a legitimate business, which means that we always correctly illustrate and represent our products and their features and benefits to the customer. Please make sure you do the same. Anyone found using misleading claims, inaccurate information or false testimonials (or anything that does not comply with FTC guidelines) will have their affiliate account revoked immediately.

8. Vendor reserves the right to TERMINATE any affiliate if found to be breaking any rules and using grey-hat/black-hat marketing practices to drive sales or for any other reason.

9. Affiliates CANNOT create social media pages with the product name or brand name to avoid confusion and prevent abuse. Anyone found using "brand name" "website name" or "product images" on their FaceBook Fanpage or other social platform to promote the product without permission will be banned immediately!

10. You may not give cash rebates as it may increase refund rates.  Cash rebates of any kind are not permitted.

11. The terms may change at anytime without notice. (Please check back here regularly).

All Rights Reserved -
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